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«Prima SonatRina»

for euphonium & piano (parts in BC and TC)

(free recording included)

This solo work for euphonium and piano was composed in 2019 and is dedicated to my daughter Rina.

It was my intention to keep the musical style very clear and simple, so it would make a nice contribution to the solo repertoire of performers from all different levels.

«Song of Joy» This movement is written in a joyful, Neoclassical style. The spirit of this movement could perhaps best be described as taking a walk on a fresh, beautiful Sunday morning.

«Lullaby» This beautiful melody describes the sentiment of gently holding a child in your arms, watching it sleep peacefully. Thoughts of love and devotion felt deeply in your heart - a moment of complete happiness.

«Playtime!» This is all about good honest fun playing children’s games!


I hope you will enjoy this little fun piece.

«PRIMA SONATRINA» for euphonium & piano by Thomas Rüedi

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