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«In Modo Humano» (In a Human Way) 

For unaccompanied euphonium, composed in 2020 by Thomas Rüedi.
This is the selected winning composition for the 35th Falcone Competition – euphonium student division. 


The music sets out to explore some of the characteristics which define us as human beings.

The first movement «La Fantasia» (Fantasy) plays with the imagination and creativity through the means of different sound colours, textures and motions. The spirit is calm and thoughtful, but also has a sense of daring optimism through trying out different ideas.

The second movement «La gioia» (Joy), explores the feeling of great pleasure and happiness.
In the middle section, Beethoven sends his regards with a quote from the Pastoral Symphony, entitled Scene by the bank of a stream.


The third movement «L’amore» (Love), freely follows the feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. The music flows gently in the form of a Sicilienne.


The fourth movement «La curiosità» (Curiosity) plays with the characteristics of inquisitiveness - the desire to learn or know about anything!

«In Modo Humano» PDF download

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