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«Anemoi» (The Gods of the Wind) draws its inspiration from the Greek Mythology and its four seasonal Gods of the Winds.


«Zephyros» is the god of the west wind. He is known as the most gentle of the winds and the messenger of spring. This movement is freely based on “Zefiro torna” by Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) and follows the style of a chaconne.


«Euros» is the god of the east wind and is often illustrated as an old man wearing a dark coat. He is the messenger of autumn and is rather erratic in character – warm breezes can turn in to wild autumn gales.


«Boreas» is the purple-winged god that brings the cold north wind. He is the messenger of winter, chilling the air with his icy breath.


«Notos» is the god of the south wind. He brings the warm summer season – a time of relaxation and harvest.

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